In the midst of the worst moments during my separation I worked with Jacqui. She helped me make sense of what was going on in my life, gave me concrete advice, directed me to a great attorney, explained mediation vs lawyers, and offered emotional support throughout. She’s accessible, likable, easy to talk to, and gave me hope when I was at my most vulnerable. I highly recommend working with her.


Working with Jacqui is and was a great experience for me. I had no idea what a divorce coach was until my friend put me in touch with her after my husband left me no choice but to consider ending our marriage. Although that is a huge step I was not exactly ready to take, she was so comforting and knowledgeable at a time when I needed that most. She not only made me feel that I was not alone, but she also answered so many questions I had about the whole divorce process. And it IS a process. She gave me knowledge and guidance which gave me confidence and a feeling of hope and power when I was in a hopeless and what I thought was a powerless position in my marriage. Although I am not divorced, I will likely decide to move forward with it one day. Jacqui gives me the information and tools I need to be much more prepared for when I do decide to move forward with a divorce. Divorce coaching is the greatest service and Jacqui is perfect for this.



I’d like to say in just a few sentences something I felt for a long time after our last session, and didn’t have a chance to tell you. Even though we met just a half a dozen times, with every session another 50 pounds of anxiousness, confusion and emotional discomfort came off.

You were interested in my feelings, my goals, my ambitions. I felt like you lifted me out from a deep hole and showed me my potentials.

You said things that made me believe in my self again, and I thank you for all your caring and most of all, your optimism!

I wish you and your family best of wishes, may you continue having much successful clients like me and its’ all because of your dedication!


I was totally lost not only emotionally, but in the reality of not understanding how to move forward in a practical manner, When I was introduced to Jacqui.   She took the time to organize my thoughts , gather information, separate my feelings from what I actually had to do, and prepared me for my meetings with my attorney. The outcome was so amazing, I felt more confident and ready to move along with this difficult task. Jacqui was an integral part of my divorce process. Since that time, I have seen her help others in their divorce journey.

Robin F.

Jacqui has given me a positive spin to divorce.  I was not able to get out of the victim mentality as I was going through my divorce.  She made me focus on my strengths, to see my capabilities to move forward and not wallow in “old stuff.’  I am grateful to Jacqui for her incredible insights and super smart and creative coaching style.  I am ever so lucky to have had to chance to do teamwork together.  I needed a cheerleader at this time of my life and she was able to be that special person for me.

Andrea Pearlman

Jacqui and I have been friends for over 25 years.   Jacqui has a unique ability to listen and digest every word that is being said.  She is always attentive and focused.

Years ago, when I was having marital issues, and before Jacqui became a Life/Divorce Coach, she was able to help me see things in a completely different light.  Made lists of pros and cons – went through each list with precise detail; and in addition, her follow up techniques are incredibly helpful.  I always knew this was the direction Jacqui would take –  Jacqui’s compassion and her ability to hear every word being said, is second to none.  My sister also had marital woes and worked with Jacqui –  While she did get divorced, she and her ex husband are best of friends and went into business together –  all thanks to Jacqui Atcheson!   Jacqui is my go to person for all issues – Her professionalism and understanding go beyond any expectations one would have.


Jacqui is so smart, so easy to talk to and can always see both sides. She has experienced things in her personal life, so coupled with her professional background makes her coaching spot on. Whoever has her to guide and help them is getting gold! I personally respect Jacqui and I am blessed to have her in my life in such a close wonderful way! She is a gift to us all!


So grateful for the excellent guidance and compassionate support during the lowest emotional time of my life from Jacqui.

Her services kept me organized and focused while transitioning to my new life balancing family and a new career, as a single parent.

Highest recommendations from me.

Robin K

If you’re reading this, most likely you are contemplating or about to go through one of the hardest journeys in your life. Talk about emotional!  On March 12th 2018, I got my happy back but not before having to go through almost 2 years of hell. Words can’t describe what it’s like to be suing the father of your two young children and your husband of almost 12 years.

For almost 2 years, we couldn’t agree on almost all the “important “ components of our divorce. Looked like a trial was in our near future until someone recommended I call Jacqui Atcheson “my angel.” Jacqui was able to sit me down, explain to me what’s important and what’s not. She guided me on how to get what I deserved and was able to show me what’s not going to matter in the end.

There are so many amazing things I could say about Jacqui but the one most important thing I could tell you is she helped me “get it done.” You really don’t realize what goes into getting divorced till you’re in it. Unfortunately my main support system, my mom, passed away almost 2 years ago and without Jacqui by my side, I’m not sure I would have been able to do it. Jacqui, thanks for all your support and guidance. Thanks for being my logic and my voice when I was to overwhelmed to be my own.  I could finally say, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a very long time!!!!!

Jill Krenitsky