The Roller Coaster of Marriage, Divorce & Re-Marriage

Most people leave marriages, not because they don’t believe in the institution of marriage. Studies show they don’t go for the proper help to learn where they might have done better. Is the desire to improve and not make the same mistakes again crucial?

So, this is me:  first marriage all in: 23 years.
Second Marriage, 17 years, still amazingly strong, in fact, better than ever.

Not because we are, “oh, so in love every minute of every day”, but because we put our relationship; two individuals, a unit, a loving partnership,  as #1.

We start by keeping it fresh and have a date night every week, our special time together.  We put on our “date night clothes”. Being a wife takes on one roll, but remaining a girlfriend takes on quite another.

As women, we wear many hats for many folks that we forget the uniqueness of who we are in this relationship: as an individual; as a girlfriend; as a lover; as a partner and as a best friend. Don’t forget that you, as a couple, are the ones left together after the children leave and careers wind down.

Remain a lady, feel sexy, put on the good perfume, feel alive as a woman!