What Lit You Up

On your wedding day, divorce was not on your mind. In fact, it never crossed your mind. However, 50% of all first marriages end in divorce, 60% of second marriages, and 73% of third marriages.

So now you find yourself here, dealing with divorce, whether you are deciding to get divorced (stressful), going through divorce (the big, black hole) or completing the process, how can you re-discover YOU?

Think about those activities, hobbies and/or passions that lit you up before the chaos of divorce set in.

Here is what I did and still do to re-center myself: Get an inflatable pillow, sea salts, a glass of wine, smooth jazz,  scented candles, and close the bathroom door and enjoy my own thoughts, let my mind wander to those places of just me…

What lights you up?

  •  The great outdoors and hiking
  • A few hours of smelling the ocean air and feeling that breeze
  • Yoga on the beach
  • Reading a good book of your choice
  • A day on the golf course
  • A sporting event
  • An evening concert in a stadium under the stars
  • Bowling with friends and just being young again

The choices are limitless and have no boundaries, but you need to get into your “bathtub” and “dream.” And after that dream, put that dream into motion. These little personal acts of kindness to yourself, and for yourself, don’t completely take the stress and anxiety of divorce away, but they are a reminder that there is and will be a better life ahead.